Oceanview Terrace is a three story vacation villa located in beautiful Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Book your dream getaway TODAY!

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Places to Visit During Your Stay

Oceanview Terrace is close to all the attractions around Ocho Rios. Click here to see some of the places I suggest visiting.

Ocho Rios Weather

Whats the weather in Ocho Rios? That's easy, Tropical and sunny! If you would like a more detailed view, click here to see the current weather or the seasonal averages for when you plan to vist.

Some Basic Tips to Navigating Jamaica

This is where I post tips about how to maximize your stay in Jamaica. I talk about everything from where to eat, to what to do about those pesky mosquito bites.

Contact Us

If you have any questions at all about Oceanview Terrace or would like info on how to book your stay, please send a message!

The first inhabitants of Jamaica, the Tainos, called the island Xaymaca. Literally translated, the word means “land of wood and water," a reference to Jamaica's beauty and natural resources.